World of Warcraft Rogue Crit Cap Calculator
Combat Mutilate
Heroic Presence
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Please see for any questions about the formula and how/what it calculates.



Update: Due to the latest discovery of the Crit to Hit Conversion as opposed to previously believed Crit Depression, the formula has been updated to take it into account.
The crit cap value should now more accurately match ones commonly found in spreadsheets.
Posted: 29 December 2009

Just getting around to implementing the new feature, sorry for the delay. We're also looking for someone who would like to give this page some style.
You would NOT be paid of course. Though, we wouldn't mind putting your name on the page to give you some credit.
Email us.
Posted: 27 December 2009

New Feature Coming Soon: Check boxes to see the effect of spells/items on your crit cap.
This feature has always been meant to be implemented and it seems as though a lot of you want it too. Once school is on break (in two weeks), it will become a priority.
Posted: 28 November 2009